Flood Resilience

The impact of climate change has been widely discussed and with the weather becoming more unpredictable on a global scale. It comes as little surprise that a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) study states that 2.5m homes will be at risk of flooding by 2050 which brings the situation into stark focus. In fact according to the Government’s own figures, nearly 2 million properties in floodplains along rivers, estuaries and coast in the UK are potentially at risk of river or coastal flooding, closely mirroring the statistics provided by the WWF. In addition a further 80,000 properties are at risk in towns and cities from flooding caused by heavy rainfall that overwhelms urban drains.

We are specialists in all work required for all flood resilience projects including – air brick, non return gulleys, flood boards, none return valves, tanking and flood doors all of which can help make your home and business safe from future flooding.

Our energy efficient doors save on both heating bills and the environment, delivering one of the lowest UV values the industry has to offer. Flood Shield door installation is a manual process. It is essential that your Flood Shield door is installed by an experienced flood defence installer. After installation your installer will give instructions on how to deploy your door in the event of a flood and basic maintenance checks.


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Flood Barriers Face Fix

Face fix flood barriers are fixed onto the outer face of the brickwork. They can be used on both residential or commercial property and are a cost effective affordable flood protection.

Flood Barriers Reveal Fix

Reveal fix flood barriers are fixed in between the reveals (brickwork) of the doorway. They can be used on both residential or commercial property and are a cost effective affordable flood protection.

Anti Flood Airbricks

The Smart airbrick is a straight replacement for a standard clay airbrick allowing the airflow under the floor boards eliminating the risks of damp and dry rot and stopping rodent infestation. The Smart airbrick uses a simple floatation valve to automatically shut off during flood conditions. 4 valves float on the floodwater automatically stopping the flow of the water under the property.

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